all the books

I’ve got a book problem. Well really, I’m a quarter part plant lady, book lady, milk glass and coffee cup lady (more on the plant, milk glass and coffee cup obsessions another time). I love reading books, I really do, but I also love decorating with books. I can’t really pin point when it started or how, or if it’s even a good thing but come over to my place and in almost every line of sight you’ll find a book. (and probably a plant too). Cute? Creepy? You choose.

I use books for stacking and by stacking I mean stacking anything and everything. Lamps, photos, trinkets and did I mention plants?

Sometimes I just use them for decor. Sometimes I read them. All the time, they are everywhere.

I use them to lend height and interest in all sorts of places. And by all sorts of places, I mean all the places.

And books are such a help if you need added interest to a centerpiece and especially work well for a serving table, at a special event, to add dimension & height variety to  your table.

I find most of my books at thrift stores, usually for under a $1 and find all sorts of places to tuck them. So consider this post full disclosure, of my book obsessions.