garden ponderings

High hopes. Dreams. Plans. I always have them.

Within the last day, someone commented with a laugh, “well, you have a lot of dreams, don’t you…” Yep. Yep, I do.

Remember all those baby plants I had such high hopes for?

What the rabbits didn’t ravage, what the bugs didn’t bother, what disease didn’t demolish and what the weeds didn’t win over is teaching me a lesson.

As I walked thru the garden this morning, some weeds are indeed taller than me. Some plants didn’t make it. Some blooms lost. Not all of my high hopes for my garden imagined. Yet…still so much beauty to be found…mostly hiding under those six footer weeds.

Here is the truth: there is always beauty to harvest in the midst of the imperfect. It’s part of God’s design and redemption.

What was once a dead looking seed has now become new life…and that’s worth celebrating. (Romans 6:4)

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