just peachy jam 

What is it that feels so wholesome and comforting about jam?

If you have never ventured into jam making, the summer time, when extra fruits abound, is the perfect time to try! There are so many great recipe options out there and y’all they don’t have to be complicated or intimidating.

We have had an abundance of peaches this year from my Dad’s tree… So I decided since the peaches were smaller and so ripe, they may not hold up as well in a pie, but I couldn’t let them go to waste, oh no, so off to make jam I went.

I didn’t end up having the time to use a cook method, so I used a freezer jam recipe with the Ball Pectin I found easily in the canning section of Target. This recipe came highly recommended from a friend and I plan to try it next.

While the jam didn’t set the way I wanted, it’s still perfect atop a scoop or two of icecream or on a slice of toast for breakfast!

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